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the secret book pdf
the secret book pdf

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The Secret Book

Rhonda Byrne wrote The Secret Book in 2006, inspired by a film that was released in the first month of that year. Rhonda Byrne was an Australian author who primarily wrote for television. The Secret was her first self-help book, and it remains on the top of every literature lover’s shelf to this day. It influenced many influential people throughout history.

The Secret is based on the Universal Law of Attraction, which is a natural law. This law indicates that if you want something in your life, you must ask for it in three steps. Believe that you will undoubtedly have that item at some point in the future. Consider yourself to already have that thing in your life and act accordingly. After that, you’ll get what you want.

Anything you want will be yours in no time if you keep thinking and repeating these three steps. If we want to engage our secret thoughts with our objectives, passions, and what we want to achieve in life, we must first clarify what we desire. Then we must imagine it in our minds. We will begin working on it in this manner. This rule is applicable to everyone and everything. Apply the three steps if you want to be with someone. If you have 60,000 thoughts in your head, you should have 45000 thoughts about the person or item you want.

The novel ended on a positive note. The book was written in a casual tone and was not very long. It clashes with religious views in several ways. While reading it, I had the impression that it was stretched at times. The examples given were excellent. They were inspiring. If you want to read anything that will help you focus on your goals, go for it. You can get the book by clicking on the link below.

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