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Free Fire Diamonds Hack 2021 – Unlimited 99999 Diamonds Generator Hack

Free Fire Diamond Hack 2021 – Unlimited 99999 Diamonds Generator Hack Free Fire 

What is Garena FF Diamond Top Up Hack, Free Fire Diamonds Hack Anti Ban Link, How To Get Free Top up Without Hack, How Free Fire Diamonds 99999 Generator Works?

Free Fire Diamond Hack
Free Fire Diamond Hack

Do you want to know Free Fire Diamond Hack 99,999 Tricks? We've done it for you—many people are curious to know how to get free Garena Free Fire Diamonds. We received so many free fire diamonds request on comment section of free fire redeem code post, we are bound to make this post for them. Simple method and hack trick to get free 9999 diamonds free will be discussed in this post.

Important Topics-

  • 7 best ways to get Garena Free Fire Diamonds using no Hack
  • Garena Free Fire Diamonds 99999 Online Generator Hack
  • How to download FF Top-up Hack APK
  • Free Fire Airdrop Bundle or Diamond Top Up offer
  • What Is Free Fire Diamond Generator Script

Note:- In this article we have shared all the legal ways to get free diamonds. We do not post any Free Fire Diamond Hack Tool, Unlimited Diamond Generator Tool here. It is morally wrong to use hacks to obtain diamonds. Garena spends a lot of money and effort to develop this game for us. Buying a diamond would be the best compensation for them financially.

Follow the instructions mentioned in this post to earn money for Free Diamonds without paying for Free Fire topup. This is a completely fair and legal way to get diamonds for free fire. You will learn a lot about Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds Crack from this post. If you want to know how to hack unlimited free fire diamonds, do a google search or visit

Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds Hack 2021

Free Fire Diamond Garena is an in-gaming currency for the Free Fire game. He can use to buy all the paid items for the game such as characters, emo, bundles, pets and skins. You can easily exchange diamonds to buy anything from the Free Fire store. To get those free fire diamonds, you have to topup the diamonds. FF Diamond top up option is available on Free Fire app and can be accessed easily. You will find that there are various diamond top-ups available for the amount of diamonds required by the players. If the player needs more diamonds, he can top up a larger amount in the store. Alternatively, you can top-up Free Fire Diamonds from official sources other than the in-gaming store.

Purchase is required to get Free Fire Diamonds. If you're looking for how to free a diamond, it's practically impossible. But by using some hacks you can generate more than 99999 diamonds in free fire game. In this article, you will find some great hacks to get 100000 diamonds and they are almost legit. 

If you want to get it for free, there are several ways you can get it. For example, using Google Play Store promotional offers, Garena Free Fire topup offers, online earing methods, Diamonds Hacking Tool and Diamonds Generator Script. In these articles you will learn about all those ways to get free diamonds.

Free Fire Airdrop Bundle Offer To Hack FF Diamond Top Up

Note:- We don’t share any illegal or hack things in this content. All the tricks are 100% legit & you can use them safely to get free diamonds.

Sometimes Free Fire offers a bundle called a special airdrop offer. In which you will get up to 95% off on Diamonds, Emote and Gun Skins Bundles. In this offer you will get diamonds at the lowest price ever. This offer is available for a limited time only for specific players. You can find this offer section in the lobby of your game with a countdown box.

In this offer, Free Fire will offer you huge diamonds at a very, very low price. In this offer period, it gives 20x diamonds than time.

The topup value of this offer is between Rs 10 to Rs 100, in which you get 200-5000 diamonds. The actual cost of 100 diamonds is Rs 100; Under this offer you will get 5000 free fire diamonds. If you can see this offer in your account, follow the procedure to get free diamonds.

1. Steps to get Diamond from bundle offer

2. open free fire game

Tap on Diamond Topup Offer

3. You will now be redirected to Google Play Store in-app purchases

4. Select your Available Payment Options tab to continue

5. Now fill your name and address and click on payment

6. It asks you to verify the account using Google Password and Fingerprint

7. Now verify that you have completed the payment

8. Once your payment is made successfully, you will be redirected to the Free Fire Men game

9. Now your topup will be successful, and diamonds will be credited to your account

Google Play Redeem Code or Promotional Offer For Free Fire Diamonds Hack

Use Google Play Free Redeem Codes to get Rs.140 free credit. Sometimes Google Play Store provides promotional codes or offers to get free credits. You can use these promotional credits to buy Free Diamonds for Free Fire from the Play Store. This offer is not available for all users all the time. You can regularly check if it is in your Google account. If the offer is available, claim free diamonds on purchase.

How to check Google Play Store promotional Offer For Unlimited Diamonds Hack?

1. Open Play Store

2. Log in your Google Account

3. Click on left side corner three-line navigation menu

4. Now tap on the Notification option

5. In Notifications, you will see this offer availability

6. If the offer is available, then click to claim it

7. Once you activate the offer, you will get Google Pay Credit in your account

8. Now open Free Fire & Select diamonds top-up value of this offer

9. The promotional offer will be applied at payment time

10. Complete the payment and enjoy Free Diamonds of Free Fire

How To Hack Free Fire 99999 Diamonds

This is a fascinating topic about "How to Hack 99999 Free Fire Diamonds". So many people want free diamonds in Garena Free Fire game. We collect some simple hacks that can give you free FF diamonds. In this article, you will learn about those hack tricks to get diamonds for free. So let's get into point five.

As we told you above, we do not share any hack which is morally wrong to get Free Fire Diamond. We share some tricks that will arrange money for you to buy free diamonds without spending real money. And you don't need to ask your parents for money for Free Fire Topping. By applying this free hack method you will get unlimited free fire diamonds absolutely free. The million-dollar question is unlimited diamonds how to hack free fire diamonds 99,999. Let's see all the legal methods of Free Fire Diamond Hack.

Times Prime Refer & Google Play Credits Offer For Unlimited Diamonds Hack

Note:- Now TimesPrime is providing Rs.1 per refer. If you subscribe Timeprime, you will get Google One 6 months subscription in which only Rs.300 Google Play credits will be given. It will be better to try another trick.

Times Prime is a website dealing with Coupons, Deals, Offers and Cashback. You can get benefits up to Rs.60000 including Garena Free Fire and more than 25+ brands in it. To avail these benefits, you must first subscribe to the Times Prime membership, whose subscription costs Rs 999 annually. If you take this membership then you can earn unlimited money by referring your friends in it.

free fire character hack

If your friends join your referral code, you will earn Rs.400 instantly by Paytm. You will earn Rs.4000 just by referring 10 people, which means you can easily get 9999 Garena Free Fire Diamonds free without spending any money. Let us know how to join Times Prime membership and earn money by referring and exchanging diamonds.

Best Ways And Tricks To Hack Free Fire Diamonds 

If you want to make unlimited diamonds in free fire using hack. So you are absolutely wrong, you can't make any diamonds for free or hack them. Hacking Free Fire Diamond is not an easy task. Free Fire uses high-end security to protect its servers from cyber attacks and other maintenance.

The only possible way to get a diamond is to top up. Which applies to paying real money. But it's nothing to worry about. We are going to share some cool tricks which will help you to generate free ff diamonds hack.

1. Free Fire Membership Method - Join Now

Free Fire Premium Membership is the best way to get free diamonds daily. There are two types of subscriptions offered by Free Fire. A weekly subscription of ₹159 seconds is a monthly subscription plan for ₹599. If you subscribe it you will get 60 diamonds daily for 7 days. You will get a total of 420 diamonds in this premium weekly subscription.

The Free Fire Weekly Premium membership costs Rs 149. But in the next survey method, we will tell you how you can get this premium membership for free without spending any money.

How to get free Weekly Membership:-

1. Open Garena Free Fire Game

2. Click On Membership option you want to subscribe.

3. Now click on the purchase button & confirm your payment.

4. Free Fire Premium Membership will be activated shortly.

2. Online survey Method

There are many sites that pay you for completing surveys. Among them, Crownit and Google Task Mate are the best. They paid real money and you can try to get them free diamonds and Free Fire Weekly membership for free. We share Crownit survey links on our site daily; You Can Check It Now.

In Crownit survey method, you will earn 50 to 500 rupees per survey completed. In the same way, you will earn money by doing small tasks with the Google Task Mate app. You can redeem this money directly in bank or Paytm wallet and use them to buy free diamonds in Free Fire.

Surveys Sites To Get Paid And Get No Limit Diamonds:-

1. Crownit

2. Google Task Mate

3. Taskbucks

3. Boyah App

Boyah App is a game streaming platform created by Garena Free Fire. You can watch and live-stream your gameplay in this app with major streaming platforms like Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. Boyah! The app is a great platform developed by Garena. It lets enjoyers host Free Fire live streams on major gushing platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. This is a free app where people can watch their favorite streamers and chat with other people

This app provides rewards for watching live free fire tournaments. There is a possibility to get free diamonds in this app. Download this app from play store and earn diamonds by watching live

4. 100% diamond top-up bonus offer

The game is the official diamond top-up of Kharido Garena Free Fire. In which you can top up a variety of diamonds at a cheap rate and get an additional diamond bonus. is offering 2x Diamonds for top up for the first time. It also offers cashback on payments made using Paytm. It gives a 2x Diamond Bonus for the first time on every Diamond top-up for Facebook linked accounts only.

Click here to activate this Double Diamond Top-up Bonus offer.

5. Free Fire Advance Server To Get Free Diamonds

Free Fire Advance Server is like a beta server where players can try out the latest upcoming features in Free Fire. This means you can enjoy the upcoming latest features which are not released yet. Free Fire Advance Servers allows you to report bugs in the game and get rewards in return.

However, players can report bugs and give feedback to earn free rewards like diamonds and a lot more free stuff from Free Fire. To access FF Advance Server you need to register on it. We have already published how you can register on Free Fire Advance Server and download it for free. Install ff advance server and report bugs to win unlimited diamonds for free.

To get free diamonds you need to report any errors on the advanced server to the developer team for rectification. They offer three types of grand prize 3000, 2000 and 1000 diamonds. You can win those diamonds by contributing bugs and glitches to the Free Fire developer team. 3000 diamonds will be given to a winner on the first prize. 2000 diamonds will contribute with two players and 1000 diamonds will give to three users. 6 main. A total of 6000 diamonds will be presented to

6. Garena Free Fire In-Game Event Get Free Diamonds In Limites And Other Rare Items

Diamonds are really important to enhance the performance of a player inside the game. Players use these diamonds to purchase characters, skins and other goodies to enhance their gameplay. But in reality the cost of these diamonds is very high. And for some, these diamonds are really hard to afford. So how can they get diamonds for free? You are reading the right article, in this article we have tried to bring you some such methods which will help you to get diamonds for free.

Below are the various ways that can help you get free diamonds. We hope this will help.

Free Fire Redeem Codes To Redeem Unlimited Diamonds, Bundles, Gun Skins, Dj Alok And Other Rare Items

This is one of the best ways to get free diamonds that you can use to buy gifts from the Free Fire store. Who can't afford real money to buy diamonds. For players like him, Garena brings Free Fire Redeem Codes. You can find these codes on the Free Fire Redeem Codes website. This website is official so you can easily trust the website. You will not face any kind of problem. Players can easily redeem these codes to get coins and diamonds and many other rewards.

How to redeem the Free Fire redeem codes?

1. Visit the official free fire redemption website.

2. Log in to your account.

3. Once you log in, an option to redeem the code will appear.

4. It will automatically set the region to Indian, for the Indian users.

5. Enter the redeem code.

6. You will receive a success message.

7. After successful redemption of code, visit the game vault.

8. In the game lobby the game wall will appear. And your account will receive diamonds.

9. Use these diamonds to buy in-game items.

Note: The redeem codes are available for a short time. And these codes are region-specific as well. If any player crosses the redemption limit, then they will receive a message of failed to redeem.

Google Play Opinion Reward To Get Free Diamonds In Free Fire:

This is a rewards-based program by Google where you only need to complete a short survey to be rewarded. This is an opportunity for players to get diamonds at no cost. Earning free credits with Google Opinion Rewards is really easy, all you have to do is download the app and answer basic questions. Once the survey is completed, you will either get paid or Google Play Store credit. Which you can use to buy diamonds in Free Fire. They send surveys about once a week, once a new survey is posted you will be notified by Google for the same.

Follow the steps below to buy diamonds using Google Play credits through the Google Play Store.

1. Open Free Fire app.

2. On the top main menu, press the diamond icon.

3. Many pop-ups will appear on the screen.

4. Now the payment will be done by using the google play balance or by any other selected method.

5. Once the purchase is successful, you will receive the diamonds.

Use these diamonds to buy your favorite in-game items.

How To Hack Free Fire 50,000 Diamond Top Up

Some Free Fire players are interested in the Free Fire gameplay hack. Which is practically possible but can get your account banned permanently. If we talk about other players who want to hack free fire diamonds top up, id and bundles. which is impossible.

As we have already said that cracking Garena Free Fire Security System is not an easy task. Gameplay Hackers find glitches and become able to hack while playing. But it is impossible to attack free fire system for free diamond top-up. On the internet you will find many fake websites to hack diamonds and id. Like Free Fire 99999 Diamonds Generator, Hack 50,000 Diamonds Top-up, etc. Please ignore those sites. If you really want a free diamond top-up then follow some online earning methods and use them to buy ff diamonds. Some of them we explained above.

Claim Your Level Up Pass In Free Fire To Get 800 Diamonds - Offer Valid Only One Time Per Player

As you know, Free Fire Level Up Pass Free Fire game has a unique in-game offer. This is applied once per a Free Fire ID. If you buy Level Up Pass top-up, you will get 4.02x times additional Diamond Bonus. That is, you will get 402% diamonds on your purchase.

Level Up Pass is a great offer to get free diamonds without any hacks. Level Up Pass costs Rs 190. You will receive a total of 800 diamonds in your Free Fire ID. However, this is a really exciting offer and can be used only once.

Note: This is an in-gaming offer available to all Free Fire players. You can avail this only once in your ID. You will get total 800 diamonds in your account. The pass costs Rs 190 and you will get over 4.02x extra diamonds on purchase.

Free Fire Diamond Generator Hack App 

Now no need to pay for Free Fire Diamonds Top Up. We have shared some legal ways to get free diamonds in Free Fire using Free Fire Diamond Generator. Free Fire Diamonds Hack app is developed by people who are not affiliated with the original developer. So choose Diamond Hack app wisely for safe and smooth gameplay.

There are lots of Free Fire Diamond Top Up Hack APK available on the internet. But we don't know about this app. Free Fire Diamond Hack app is illegal app, or it may be fake application. There are a lot of fake applications available in the market, they earn money by luring you. Please refrain from downloading such Diamond Generator Tool app and Unlimited Diamonds APK. We had shared Free Fire Mod Apk in our previous post; Please check out.

Use Redeem Code To Get Free Fire Diamonds Hack

Free Fire Redeem Codes is the best way to get free diamonds without any hacks. You can find the latest reward codes for Free Fire on our site. We have provided 200+ working free fire redeem codes in which you will get many free rewards like diamonds. Follow the instructions below to claim free diamonds with the redeem code hack.

1. Firstly open FF Redeem Code 202 page & copy any diamonds reward code

2. Click here go to the official FF rewards page for code redemption

3. After you land on the redemption page of Free Fire, you will see the login option

4. Now login your Free Fire account using Facebook, Google, other logs in options

5. Enter the code in the dialogue box & click on redeem button

6. Free diamonds will be successfully redeemed to your account

Free Fire Diamond Generator Hack Tool

Are you excited about Free Fire Diamond Generator Script? We're going to make it clear. This is a curl scripting method to hack diamonds in Free Fire, which is completely illegal and unsafe. The developer has created this script using multiple programming languages ​​to hack the server database. Diamond generator tool sites are completely fake. As we said in the previous line, they trick you into downloading their app by luring you with free diamonds.

Thus, there is no app available to generate Free Fire Diamonds. To top-up diamonds, you have to spend real money. Follow the legal method to earn money online and spend it to buy diamonds. You will find lots of online earning tricks on our site. Go to the home page of our site and check.

How To Get Unlimited Diamonds Hack From Booyah App

Booyah is an online streaming app for the Free Fire game. You can cast and live stream the gameplay using this app. Free Fire parent company Garena develops this app. This app is made for video creators and streamers who love to share live gameplay and watch live tournaments of their favorite gamers. The demand for gaming videos is increasing rapidly today - that's why Free Fire launched this app to add more viewers to its platform.

The special thing about this app is that you can get free rewards by watching live matches in this app. Equally important, you need to log in to this app using your Free Fire ID and that should be linked with Facebook, Google+ and VK. So, you can win free characters, gun skins, bundles, diamonds, redeem codes and more items with this app. Let us know the process of setting up this app.

1. First of all, open the Play Store & search Booyah App

2. You will see this app at the top of the results & tap on it

3. Now click on the install button; it will take some time to finished

4. Once the app is installed on your device, open it & login using your Free Fire ID

5. Must log in to your ID in which you have a Free Fire account. That’s why the reward will directly credit to your account

6. Once you successfully log in, you will find so many Free Fire videos & live matches in this app

7. Click on any video & watch it till it ends

8. Instantly you will get so many Rewards such as free diamonds in your Free Fire ID

Free Fire Diamonds Hack Script Download Use It For Hack Unlimited Diamonds

Like we said, Diamond Hack Free Fire app, script and generator are all fake. As in Free Fire Diamond, there are many websites that do not provide any diamonds for free. Hence, you can try the legal methods shared in this article to get free diamonds up to 10,000.


Free Fire Hack is an illegal activity it leads to your account ban permanently. So, Free Fire ban million of players’ IDs for using hack play types of equipment. I strongly recommend to don’t use any hack to get diamonds.

Conclusion About Free Fire Diamonds Hack

I hope you get 100% satisfaction from this post. Free Fire Diamonds Hack is not a valid method to use. If you think this way, please stay away from it. Therefore, you can use the legal way to earn Free Fire Diamonds.

Suppose you have any query related to free firediamonds hack .com then comment us. . Please forward this post to your friends and Free Fire lovers so that they can know everything about garena free fire Diamond Hack.